What modern buil­ding automation can do.

Optimum solutions and precise technical designs for sophisticated home-owners, commercial and retail operations, and large shopping centres.

Modern building automation gives you command over ventilation, lighting, security, heating and air conditioning, sun protection und multimedia: simple, convenient, and safe! At the touch of a button and reproducible at any time. Control and monitor the functions of all existing systems and facilities of the technical building equipment.

This requires smart interplay between all individual systems. We can provide just that – and thus ensure the sustainably cost-effective and safe operation of your building.

Our range of services:

  • Planning, programming, and commissioning of LCN and EIB/KNK systems
  • Programming of visualisation systems (B-CON, Facility Pilot, Eisbär, HomeServer, and many more)
  • Reconstruction of existing EIB/KNX systems
  • Planning support
  • Maintenance of existing systems
  • Energy management
  • Integration of video cameras and multimedia systems
  • Daylight-dependent regulation
  • Light and blind control Occupancy-dependent temperature control for optimised air quality


Your advantages at a glance:

  • All systems will be individually configured by us in line with your expectations and demands.
  • More convenience and flexibility for you and all other building users: the planning and installation software (ETS) reduces the amount of work required for these preliminary services and for assembly times. If any change of use is planned, this can simply be reallocated and/or expanded with full wiring.
  • Optimise your (energy) efficiency with our support: thanks to perfectly coordinated functions, the system is able to adapt light, heating, etc., to your respective requirements. You have an overview of the current and expected energy consumption levels at all times. This means you can always keep tabs on your overheads and react quickly if the need arises.
  • Increased security – improved control thanks to remote control and information transfer: Have you gone home for a well-earned weekend and are not sure if you activated the alarm system in the office? Or would you like to clock off early and head straight for a pre-heated sauna? A simple connection – such as a smartphone or internet connection – provides you with access to your building technology from wherever you are in the world. This means you can control your office or home, and important information can be shared with you at any time in any location. Including whether something might be broken. This is possible thanks to digital information sharing – ‘KNK telegrams’. This gives you the ability to check whether the garage door is closed just before you go to sleep, for example. Would you like to display information on your smartphone, iPad, tablet, or TV screen? That is also possible at any time!

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